Friday, July 25, 2008

iPhone 3G

So Skylier & I have turned into technology geeks. We both got the first generation iPhones when they first came out. So we were the suckers that paid full price, they did send us a gift card a few months later when they cut the price by almost $200. Well needless to say we couldn't be out done by the New 3G. Skylier waited in line for 2+ hours on Wednesday at the ONLY apple store in Utah, just to find out I had to be there too. So first thing this morning we were in line at Gateway. Once all the store's opened I left Sky in line and went shopping. Found a great home decor store!! By 11:45, 3 hours later, we both had our phones. Now we have googled them to death and figured out all the latest and greatest updates. If you were wondering if it is worth the two year contract, IT IS!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have not had my camera for the last few months and I associated my blog with pictures. Then I realized the pics are nice but I enjoy the stories just as much. I have really enjoyed every ones blogs and although I might not be as interesting, I'd like to keep all of you updated too. So just a recap... It was great to see all the family at 4th of July. I had a GREAT time catching up and am looking forward to Thanksgiving!

I have completed 90% of my interior house remodel and now I'm ready to tackle the yard. The biggest project is the deck. We currently have a ramp for the dogs to use and it's a little red neck.. So I've started my research and have pretty big ideas. To include a sunken hot tub, bbq area, pergola, water feature, benches, built in flower pots, really cool lighting (Brian doesn't know it but he's getting recruited too) and a fire pit. So I'll keep you posted.

Nice Saturday Evening

Skylier, Dave and I - golfing in Orem.

Future Golf Pro

So after our humbling experience, we decided to try another course. This one was more our skill level, again Skylier's skill level, they don't make 200 yard par 5 courses (my level). So exciting news... Skylier got his very first Birdie. It was pretty exciting and he must have been pleased since he let me take his picture with out argument (very rare for him to consent to pics). He attributes his accomplishment to his new, rather expensive, Callaway clubs. So he thinks my problem is my clubs aren't nice enough.... I'll use that excuse as long as people will let me. (skylier has golfed 54 holes in the last week and a half) I think it's officially addiction!!!

Golfing Fools

So Skylier and I have taken up golf. Ok Sky has always been a golfer and I'm very much a beginner but it's been fun. My office is right on this gorgeous course that lies against the mountain. We decided to try it, since I look at it all day long. Well, beginners beware, Cascade Golf Course, at least the back nine, is a little technical... I lost 10+ balls and didn't keep score, except when the hole went well (only twice). Skylier even thought it was tough. But it was the prettiest course I've ever seen. It's entirely on the mountain side. We saw a fox and a deer and watched the sun set. Forgot my camera....

Jill's Wedding

This June one of my best friends got married. It was a gorgeous wedding. It was in a park in Idaho. But being Idaho and all, wind was unavoidable and it was REALLY cold. I promised Jill I would wear my dress as long as she wanted. So, needless to say, 6 hours in a corset and a formal dress made me thankful for my jeans and tennis shoes! It was so great to be a part of her big day and I feel so lucky to have a friend like her, for 15 years. My parents and Skylier came for support, but I never did Skylier on the dance floor.