Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yellowstone June 2009

Kyle, Stephanie and I went to Yellowstone in June, as a first for all of us. (I must mention my mom says the trip when I was 18 months old counts, I disagree)

First we stopped at the Bear Park in Rexburg. It was pretty cool. We could drive all through the animals, which included deer, elk, moose and of course bears. Stephanie kept yelling at her dad to stop rolling down the window to try and get a picture. It clearly said "Leave windows up at all times"

Been A LONG Time

So I took a 10 month hiatus from blogging, completely unintentionally. I got so busy and just didn't have much worth bloging about. So here’s an update.

In June, Joe and I expanded the Canyon Dental concept to a new practice in West Jordan. It has been fun, nerve racking, insanely long hours, and hopefully all worth it. We have completely remodeled the office and Joe has done most of the work himself. I was as helpful with construction as possible, and even lost two toe nails in the battle field. When we thought things were starting to move forward, our office was robbed, actually according to the investigator the correct term is burglarized, robbed is when your there during the crime and potentially held-up, we were not. This was a HUDGE set back, and as typical, insurance has not helped at all. But we are moving on, and now have a lot better security in place. Live and Learn!

I have continued to work on my house… very…very…slowly. I have finished my master bedroom and have moved to one of the extra rooms now. Still NO, absolutely NO, progress on the yard, deck or exterior. So blog as my witness, by next fall it will be DONE!!!

All of the puppies were sold and are doing great. However, Sam, my male dog has since had a stroke, and has diabetes. Which means a lot of vet bills, and insulin shots every 12 hours.. But hopefully he isn’t suffering, it’s hard to tell sometimes with dogs. On that note, my parents also had to put their wonderful dog Harley to sleep in October. She was so sweet and a great companion and I know she will be greatly missed.

I have met a new guy, Kyle. We started dating in March and are still spending as much time as possible together. He has an amazing 5 year old daughter, Stephanie, that I have fallen in love with. Although for now they both live in Idaho, it’s a hard economy to change jobs. I have been able to spend some fun times with both of them and will post some pictures soon.

In a nut shell, life is good. My friends and family and happy and healthy, business is surviving and it’s my favorite time of year!! Hope all is well for everyone else and Happy Holiday Season!!