Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lucky #13

At 4:30 this morning Allie had her thirteenth puppy. It was a LONG night! They are all healthy and seem to be doing great. They have a vet appointment Saturday to have their tails removed and a well puppy visit. Allie is doing great but she is exhausted...I hope she gets her strength and personality back soon. There are 6 girls and 7 boys. One of the baby girls is tiny..the smallest puppy I think we have had. I will apologize in advance for talking about and posting so many pictures of the puppies for the next 6 weeks, but they really are sooooooooo adorable. I will post them on KSL tomorrow and start taking deposits to reserve them, first come first serve, so if you know anyone that is looking for a sweet new puppy, just in time for valentines day, have them call me.

Getting ready for puppies to come
Little One...

the puppies were trying to climb on top of her

All 13 of them trying to eat

Dad and Baby... Just Amazing

A few minutes old

6 Baby Girls

7 Baby Boys

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We're Having Puppies!

Today Skylier called me at about 3:00 and said he was home early and he was pretty sure Allie was having her puppies today. We have her box already (thanks Larry), extra blankets and the kitchen rearranged to allow room for what could possibly be 12 puppies.

Our suspicions were confirmed. At 10:34 pm we had our first baby boy. About 10 minutes later a second boy was born. That was a change from the last two litters, she has had every other one boy - girl. But as of now, 11:54 we still only have two....sorry just had another one -make that three!! I guess blogging is good luck, now we have four. So it is going to be along night, wish us luck, mostly Allie...poor girl....

Saturday, January 3, 2009


My mom has the advantage and disadvantage of being a new years baby. Since it's so close to Christmas, and is new years day, she usually doesn't get the recognition she deserves. I really do have the world's best mom. She is funny, supportive, understanding and has all the qualities I want as a mom. When I was about 12 I realized I was the luckiest girl ever. It's funny when we all reminisce, she is shocked at the things I remember. And my brothers memories are very different. I remember at a very young age riding on her lap as she mowed our lawn. I remember wanting to have a chore list, she didn't think it was really necessary-I helped when I was asked. I would write my own list, misspelled of course, and tell her to make me finish it before I could play. I would get a few things into it and usually have a bigger mess then when I started. Specifically, I would start cleaning the wall behind the stove. And get bored fast. Her or my dad would have to help me finish because a clean spot on a dirty wall looks worse then a dirty wall. I suppose that's why I didn't have a chore list. My mom can make me laugh until I cry. Recently, when my parents were at my house we started talking about ring tones. My dad mentioned my ring tone on my mom's phone. She hit him with a smile and then he proceeded to tell me it was a strange, annoying voice saying "Blahh Blahh Blahh, Blahh Blahh Blahh Blahh Blahh!" Getting louder and more annoying. My mom tried to explain she didn't have many choices and I should feel special since I was the only person with a different ring tone. She continued to argue it was the loudest one and that's why she picked it, so she would always hear when I call. We laughed and laughed, mostly at my expense, since I have a tendency to talk alot. She kept hitting my dad the entire time saying thanks alot. Before she went home I found a very funny ring tone for her that makes me smile and laugh every time she calls. Now when I answer, laughing, she asks whats so funny and we both laugh about our ring tones. I wish I would have been there for her birthday, or at least Christmas. I really am the luckiest girl ever and have the world's best mom!! I love you and hope you had a Very Happy Birthday!!

This is the only pic I have on my computer.

Happy New Year!

Good Bye 2008..!!! December was a crazy month. In the dental field it usually is, lots of patients procrastinate and wait until the last minute to use their insurance benefits, and we just can't say no. Next year things are going to be different, I think we will take the last 2 weeks of December off. The disadvantage to that, is we do so much dentistry in December that it is a great way to close out the year. Considering everything that happened at my office this year and the economical effects on dentistry, we ended on a great note! Thanks to all my co-workers for all your hard work, 2008 was great!

I'm so relieved to be starting a new year. 2008 was really challenging for me. Sky and I are hoping 2009 brings wellness and healing, still no change in his bell's palsy. We are also hoping to take a few more vacations. I know that seems like a strange resolution but we work way too much. Of course the usual.. get in shape, be more active, eat healthier. Financially improve, I'd love to get another investment property and increase the equity in my house. I have at least 5 business adventures underway so if anyone of them is successful I'll be satisfied. Last but not least, help others, give what I can, be aware of the environment and do my part. I hope all of my friends and family have a Happy New Year and a prosperous and healthy 2009!


Christmas really snuck up on me this year and was gone just as quick. Things did not turn out as expected but all in all it was a great holiday. Skylier and I were making and changing our plans up until Christmas Eve. Finally we agreed that we would spend Christmas Eve with his Mom and Step dad, get up early Christmas morning and head to Idaho to be with my family and then Friday drive to West Yellowstone to be with his Dad and step mom. We had the car packed, arrangements for the dogs and all the gifts wrapped for 3 Christmas's.

The first stop went off great. We had dinner with Sky's "Utah family" including Athina who was in town from Cali, exchanged gifts and played some good old competitive rook. Side note, A GIRL FINALLY WON, thanks Athina! It really started snowing and by the time we headed home it was zero visibility and slow going. We didn't let that alter our plans, we came home and finished getting everything ready.

Christmas morning was not as ideal. The roads were closed to Idaho, both ways. We even considered driving to Montana first, but the roads were closed that direction too. We checked the road conditions very hour or so and no luck. At that point it was late enough we decided even if the roads opened it wasn't worth the risk. So we went back to Sky's mom's for a turkey dinner and of course more games and rook. Again, ALL 3 GIRLS WON, 1st, 2nd & 3rd!!! I was still optimistic that Friday we could still make it to Idaho but mother nature had other plans, the roads were still closed. So at this point, I have all my parents gifts, gifts for my Grandma from other family members and missed Christmas, including the tree at my moms.

The important thing is we were safe and still had family to be with. As of now my parents are coming my way in January for dentistry, so we will have a belated Christmas celebration. Maybe I should finally put up a tree. It would be strange to be opening Christmas gifts with Valentines decor up... Hope everyone had a VERY MERRY Christmas!!

Kaybree and The Boys

So this is very over due. Stacey's kids are doing great. I was lucky enough to see them the day Kaybree was born and 3 weeks later when they came to Utah. I didn't even remember to take any pics of my own, I was too busy holding the new baby. My mom found multiple opportunities to stop by and see Kaybree. When she held her, at 24 hours old, she said that was the youngest baby she had held since I was born. Well here are a few pics from Stacey's e-mails.

Getting ready to leave the Hospital

10 tiny toes...

First pro pictures, less then 1 week old

Beautiful Christmas Dress

Brogan, Teagan & Kaybree Uscola