Thursday, November 13, 2008


Stacey & Jereud Uscola are the proud parents of a precious new baby girl. Not sure what the final name decision is... She was born tonight around 8:00. Stacey has been at the hospital since 8:00am, and didn't get her epidural until 7:30pm. Poor girl was in labor for 11.5 hours, but she said it was defiantly worth it. I have not seen her yet, but have some camera phone pics. She is stunning. She weighed 6 lb 6 oz, and 18 in long. She has a little bit of dark hair (she gets that from me) and I hear her lips are her best feature. The time wont pass fast enough until I get to see her tomorrow. Hopefully, my 3 and half hour drive will remain speeding ticket free. Congrats to the new parents and those lucky big brothers who can't wait to see their baby sister. I will have lot's of photos to post when I get home. I'm simply beside myself with excitement and anticipation.


So it's 1:15am and I can't sleep. It's been another long week. As usual some great things happened, and some not so great things too. Skylier has had no change in his Bell's Palsy symptoms. The headaches and the sensitivity to light and sound are much better. He's working at 100% so that is great news. Skylier recently had some changes in his job, and is really happy about it. Now he wont have to be on call and he gets off 30 minutes earlier (not that it matters much, he always beats me home). So that means a few more movie nights and maybe even a short getaway.

I'm so excited that my very best friend, Stacey, is scheduled to have her first baby girl tomorrow. She calls the hospital at 7:30am to make sure that there is an open bed. If history repeats itself (she has two little boys already) she will have her precious little girl by 3:00 tomorrow. Her name will be Kaebree .... Uscola (last I heard). Last time I asked, the middle name was undecided. She momentarily considered Rose (my middle name) which naturally I thought was a great idea. I was able to be in the room when her youngest, Brogan, was born on June 16, 2003. It was so amazing to be there, and I toke almost 2 weeks off work to spend time with them. We joked that Brogan had no idea which one was the real mom, since I held him as much, if not more, then Stacey. I miss her and her family very much, when I moved in 2004, that was the first time we ever lived more then 45 minutes apart, she's like a sister! I'm excited and nervous for her, although I know everything will go great. I'm heading to Rupert ASAP to see the newest addition to her family. I can't stop thinking about PINK!! Good luck Stacey and Jereud, can't wait to see you!!

Skylier's Birthday... Sky's bday was November 6th. I didn't have my camera, left it at work, which he prefers. He was on call, so our options were limited. We just spent the evening at home. He opened a few gifts, I think he really liked his wallet. Then Friday night we had some friends over and played poker. It was really fun! The last few months, even more then usual, I feel so lucky to have Skylier in my life. He makes me laugh all the time, he is so patient, he will let me talk about teeth for hours, let me complain about my day and always agrees with me when it's important. He is my BEST FRIEND and probably the only thing keeping me sane. I can't imagine my life without him in it. I am so lucky.

Things I love about My Sky: His sense of humor, his family, his unbelievably high body temperature (a human furnace, reminds me of my dad), he's taller then me, eats my cooking with a smile, looks great in blue, he laughs so hard at movies he cries, we have a secret hand shake, he will answer my questions about sports for hours, he created a quiz of all NFL teams and their mascot (so I could get better), he cleans house with the best of them, he excuses my obsessive compulsive tendencies (even having bath towels folded a certain way and in the closet by color), he gives amazing hugs (that way we fit together, like a custom puzzle), how much he loves are dogs (you would think they were actually his children), the way he loves kids. I could go on and on, but this is a good start. I know it's late, but Hope You Had A Great Day, I Love You!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween ended up being a lot more fun then anticipated. Skylier is still the same, and very hypersensitive to light and sound, so I wasn't sure what he would be up for. We had talked earlier about hosting the second annual Halloween Party with our friends, but decided not to, in case Sky wasn't going to be up for it. Well at 6:00 Chad called and wanted to know what the plan was. Before long, the very under planned Halloween Party was on at our house. We didn't have costumes, but others did. We played rock band, cranium and poker. We didn't have the actual rules to cranium, so it was especially fun, we were laughing so hard we were in tears. One card I had was to act out the heimlich maneuver... I proceeded to get on the ground and act out a very accurate CPR. When I realized what I had done, I jumped up and yelled "Wrong One!!" I was laughing so hard I could hardly act out the correct word. The girls guest it, so no harm done, but it was hilarious. We had fondue (the hit of the party) and lots of other snacks. We also had the most trick or treater's we have ever had. I didn't take a single picture, but Ashley won for best costume with her super cute strawberry shortcake. Next year I promise we will host a better party, but considering we had 2 hours to prepare it was A TON OF FUN!!